About Lima Licensing Group.

est. 2015.

We’re an organization whose purpose is to create a fair and reasonable way to license art. We created the Lima License, the License for the Integral Maintenance of Artistic work which serves that purpose. We drafted the license as a way to have a standard and specific license that is meant for works of art. Our parent company, Nitrux, is a contributor to the open source landscape and so this license goes in line of that philosophy.

We want to integrate efforts to create an environment of trust, legality and fair work between artists and users alike and increase the continuous formation of new artists and cultural distribution. We hope to be a global player when it comes to the guidelines and procedures to ensure the highest level of equality on the art scene.

Our mission and our vision. We’re looking for the greater good.

We provide an alternative to the use of licensing methods that aren’t proper for this sort of works.

We believe that art as knowledge should be available to anyone and we also believe that those who create this knowledge deserve to be compensated fairly for that should they decide to. Our focus is specific: art in any form. We want to create a balanced standard for this.

Realize the potential that collaboration in art is possible if done right. Credit where credit is due is an important role in our license. Fairness is another. In the environment where we came to be all of that plays a key roles.

We welcome your feedback, please use the form below to get in touch with us.