Finally, a license for artists in mind.

Lima wants to provide a way for artistic works to keep their integrity intact while at the same time allowing others to modify and distribute modifications.

Specialized in Arts

Our license was specially created to cover the scope of various forms of arts. The most common open source licenses were created specifically for computer code.

Collaboration en Masse

The license promotes mutual collaboration between authors and users. This is a key factor in open source and we would like others to embrace it.

Fair and Simple

This license equally grants rights and obligations to the parties involved. These are simple to follow, understand, execute and comply.

We’ve covered most scenarios so you only had to worry about your work.

Check the list below, that’s some of the advantages of a work that uses our license.

  • Allow commercial initiatives to prosper. When you use our license you’re helping others to have a source of income.
  • Generate participation between you and your users. Our license is in pro of cultural distribution and mutual collaboration.
  • Help mentor the next wave of artists. By using this license your work will serve as the base for future art. Create great documentation to support the high standard users have come to expect from your work.
  • Create a solid bond with your users. Allowing for distribution, modification and redistribution your work will be known all across the world.
  • Make your art work for you. Our license allows commercial initiatives only if they’re fair for you and everyone else involved.
  • Let your work inspire others. Fair use is often contested by the parties involved, our license alleviates that problem by adding a section specifically for that.


Lima works for you, your work, and your users.

The intent of this license is to be used for situations where traditional “copyleft” licenses that are meant for machine readable computer code are used for works that are not software. This license is specially focused in arts and is meant to be used for: visual arts, performing arts, media arts, literary arts and culinary arts.

The power of collaboration. Art that’s enjoyed by everyone.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. We are dedicated to our cause of helping artists and protect their work. We also want to ensure that collaboration is important to the medium of arts.

Take the step and #WorkWithLima